Post Graduate Course at International Ramzy School of Music & Dance

Graduated with full results in November 2013 at the Ramzy School of Music and Dance, Isabella Ruggiero developed a superb understanding of Middle eastern Music and refined ability to translated it.

The Post Graduate is a project that involves isabella Ruggiero in the  full commitment to the subject Ramzy school plan to study in order to dedicate not just to the lifelong study of a subject, but to achieve full ownership and teach others this subject as well.

Isabella Ruggiero is the initiator of the Post Graduate Course at Ramzy School.



Culture Class intercultural training and personal effectiveness, associates Danzeasud

Danzeasud is very pleased to announce that today Culture Class intercultural training and personal effectiveness, associates Danzeasud. Operating as an open network organisation, Culture Class seeks to add value to internal cultural diversity. Performers, artists, actors, historians, therapists, psychologists, researchers and people with lived experience are able to add a bleeding edge to a powerful learning experience that will stick. Please contact Culture Class if you may be interested in developing something together or like to get more information. About Culture Class:

Dans Therapy Intensive Week Codarts Rotterdam

Codarts-2Dance Therapy Intensive Course

The Dance Therapy Master of Codarts offers a  5 days intensive course in dance therapy which will consist of experiential work and lectures on different approaches and application possibilities of dance therapy (minimum of 8, maximum of 20 participants per group). 2 groups will be made. To apply for this course, please email to (more information below)

Dates 2014

Monday February 17 up to Friday February 21, 2014; 5 days, (30 hours)


Amongst others: professional dancers, dance teachers, arts and psychomotor therapists, psychologists, movement scientists, physiotherapists, occupational therapist etc. with dance and work experience.

The course can be taken as continuous professional education (accredited by th FVB, Dutch Federation of Arts and Psychomotor therapists) and is strongly advised for people seriously considering to apply for the Master in Dance Therapy, but is also open to everyone interested to know more about dance therapy.


The Intensive course provides professionals with the opportunity to experience dance therapy,  explore whether continuing into a DT master is desirable and whether a Master’s in Dance Therapy can enrich and deepen one’s own profession. The participant acquires basic knowledge of dance therapeutic methods and receives and processes information about the current professional practice. The course provides a strong basis for the Master In Dance Therapy offered at Codarts, which will start with a new group of students in September  2014. Former participants experienced this course as: a way to achieve a ‘deeper and clear understanding of DT which helped to make a choice about starting the Master; being intensive, powerful, inspirational, multi-faceted and also reflective for one’s personal life’. The tutors in this course and programme were referred to as ‘interesting, inspiring, subtle and extremely experienced’.

Short overview of the week: (for tutors cv’s scroll further down)

Two groups will be formed if there are more than 25 participants. (as per Nov 18 there are 31 applicants already) The tutors will be the same but the order of the days will necessarily differ.

 Feb. Group 1 Group 2
17 Katharina Conradi Simone Kleinlooh
18 Simone Kleinlooh Katharina Conradi
19 Céline Gimbrère Jeannette Mac Donald
20 Jeannette Mac Donald Céline Gimbrère
21 Katharina Conradi Jeannette Mac Donald

 Katharina Conradi

Understanding one’s own dance.

On February 17 and 18  Katharina will introduce understanding of dance as a creative wheel for expression and transformation, working  with one’s own creative potential in dance and recognizing personal themes.

Simone Kleinlooh

Introduction in basic DMT theory and methods.

This day with Simone (either your first or second day of the week) basic DMT theory and methods will be discussed and explored in which the importance of play, the ‘not knowing stance’, embodied presence and empathic reflection in (therapeutic) relationships is explored.

 Céline Gimbrère

Authentic Movement, the beginning

This third or fourth day (depending on which group you are in) will be an introduction to the discipline of Authentic Movement. The experience of entering inner processes will be explored in relation to our own movement and kinaesthetic awareness.

Jeannette Mac Donald

Working with the Group

By now the group will have spent some time together working, individually, in dyads, small groups and also in one large group. Understanding about the many groups we are part of throughout our lives is an important part of our training and this day will offer a brief insight into this aspect of the course, where we learn not only about our own behavior in groups but also how to manage group processes in our work as professional DMTs. This day (your third or fourth)will be a personal adventure about moving and being moved. Please spend some time for reflection before attending. Where do you fit in this group? What would you like to change about this group if it were possible? How do you feel about the last few days that you have spent together?

 Evaluation of the past week, closure and looking forward.

With Katharina Conradi  or Jeannette Mac Donald

During this last day we will explore (verbally and non-verbally) our  personal/professional identity (personal dance and movement profile) in relation to the past week and the DMT profession. There will be time for discussions and questions concerning the DMT profession/practice and the Master programme.

Codarts Rotterdam

Tel: +31 (0)10 2171120/2171138

Graduation Show International Drumzy School of Music & Dance


Celebration of our students achievements! Isabella Ruggiero, Italian born dancer, expert in Italian folklore music & dance, celebrates graduating from the Advanced Dancers course with a tribute to one of her favorite dancers and a most important dancers in the history of Egyptian dance – Taheya Karioka. On the left of the page the clip of the Graduation Show in London.

After the intense and fruitful 3 years course at the international music and dance school of Hossam & Serena Ramzy, based in England, the long-awaited diploma of….DRUMZY SCHOOL GRADUATE

ADVANCED CERTIFIED TEACHER will be delivered to the students, at the end of the graduation show in November. Isabella Ruggiero has passed the Advanced Dancers Course with flying colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Join us in celebrating the success and achievement of the graduated students of our THE ADVANCED  DANCERS & PERFORMERS PROFESSIONAL COURSE Organizer: