ZouZou’s Show: TIME IS A LADY

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ZouZou’s Show: TIME IS A LADY
19 December 2014 08:30
19 December 2014 21:45
De ceuvel
16 December 2014
De Ceuvel
time is a lady

After being hosted at ZAAL100 for the last couple of months, we are proud to present (for the last time this winter) Zouzou’s one man’s show! This time at Crossboat at De Ceuvel

Obsessed with our battle to get things done, we have forgotten to enjoy the small moments of life – that Time Is A Lady. A delightful show sparkling with humor, thoughtful insights and romance. Bringing together the joy of Music, Dance, Comedy, Magic, Storytelling and Pantomime, the show inspires us to consider the delights available in every moment of Time.

We would like to bring to your attention this one-man show, a delightful performance sparkling with humor and romance. Written and presented by a witty and colorful performing artist!

Isabella Ruggiero – Director
Jonathan Ramirez – Audio
Pyet Van Brink – Lighting
Bogdan Halipa – Technician
Mirco Menegaldo – Decor
Mirte Simons – Costume

Toegang: donatie

Trailer: http://vimeo.com/85431648