Social Sunday in Kolenkitbuurt –>> Tammurriata Dance Workshop, Food, Bioenergetic Session and more !!!!!

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Social Sunday in Kolenkitbuurt –>> Tammurriata Dance Workshop, Food, Bioenergetic Session and more !!!!!
13 July 2014 15:00
13 July 2014 19:00
free donation
Danzeasud, Foundation & Expat Therapist Amsterdam – Somesh Valentino Curti
4 July 2014
The Shelf
Ernest Staesplein 41 1061 CC, Amsterdam
the shelf

Social Sunday: get together to celebrate Sunday playing, singing, dancing La Tarantella ( di Montemarano ) traditonal musical form from South of Italy  and eating togheter in a joyful and relaxed atmosphere. As warming up, Somesh Valentino Curti presents a Bioenergetic session (bring comfortable clothes).
After eating, time for more dance and music !!!!!

Entrance: Free donation
Food: Each one is invited to bring and share his/her own food & drinks. We will offer the main course! Mediterranean traditional recipe.

15:00 -15:30 Bionenergetic Exercises.
15:40 -16:40 La tarantella ( di Montemarano ) Dance Workshop
17:00 – 18:00 Food
18:00 – 19:00 Free Music & Dance

Isabella Ruggiero Danzeasud, experienced dancer and choreographer, introduce the participants to the cultural background of Tammurriata – a combined form of music, sung and dance – as well as to the basic techniques of dancing and drumming. To know more —->

Somesh Valentino Curti – Expat Therapist, runs a practice for expats in The Netherlands facing difficulties in their life. During the event of Sunday he presents a Bioenergetic session: a series of body exercises of “Grounding”. Being grounded is about feeling secure, healthy and joyful. To know more (first video) —>

The BOOKSTORE FOUNDATION is een woon-werkproject dat is opgezet door kunstenaars in samenwerking met woningbouwvereniging Stadgenoot.
Het project heeft als doel het samenbrengen van verschillende disciplines in de kunst waardoor er een kruisbestuiving kan plaatsvinden. Dit wordt mogelijk gemaakt door het realiseren van goedkope woonruimte en projectruimtes waardoor de kunstenaars de ruimte hebben om activiteiten te kunnen ontplooien voor hun buurt. To know more–>