Mediterranean Folk Ensemble

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Mediterranean Folk Ensemble
30 June 2014 08:00
1 July 2014 01:00
4/6 euro
18 June 2014
CC Muziek Cafe'
Rustenburgerstraat 384 , Amstedam, Netherlands

Mediterranean Folk Ensemble, a musical journey across southern Europe and northern Africa”, a music & dance project, under the artistic direction of Isabella Ruggiero certified advanced dancer, choreographer & event promoter. Every last monday of the month at CCmuziekcafe’ in Amsterdam.


Doors open: 19:30

Workshop of Southern Italian Folk Dance, La Tammurriata : 20:00-21:00

Xristos Angelis : 21:30-22:30

Sophie ter Schure, Margot Limburg, Victor Lacken : 22:45-23:45

Jamsession: 23:45-01:00

The entrance is of 4 euro only for the concert
6 euro for workshop and concert and food.

Danzeasud production presents

La Tammurriata, a dance around the Vesuvius
Traditional southern Italian folk dance workshop

with Isabella Ruggiero, DANZEASUD, certified advanced teacher and dancer

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Info about La Tammurriata

La Tammurriata in the southern Italian musical tradition: ritual and myth

La Tammuriata is a music tradition lived in the rural areas around the volcano Vesuvius, in the South of Italy. Throughout the transformation of seasons, the tradition connects the existentiality of the local population with their everyday social lives and work, the earth and the elements of nature, and with their ancestors and spirituality. With utter devotion and care, la Tammuriata has been passed on as a strictly oral tradition over many generations. It exists today an intriguing tradition transcending the limits of everyday space and time in a powerful ritual to cleanse up the social and metaphysical tensions that obstruct the eternal progression and repetition of life’s cycles.

Isabella Ruggiero, experienced dancer and choreographer, will introduce the participants to the cultural background of Tammurriata – a combined form of music, canto and dance – as well as to the basic techniques of dancing and drumming.

La Tammurriata belongs to the wide family of Tarantella dances, spread all over the south of the Italian peninsula. Names such as ” Tarantella” or “Ballo sul tamburo” were, indeed, also used to refer to Tammurriata, the Tarantella of region Campania, but they have been falling into disuse.
In the inner parts of region Campania, north Apulia, Calabria, Basilicata the folk dance is still called Tarantella.



Sophie ter Schure

Sophie zingt nare liederen uit vroeger tijden alsof ze gisteren gemaakt zijn. Wie het goede aantal doden en gebroken harten noemt aan het einde van een optreden krijgt een prijs. Sophie begeleidt zichzelf op gitaar of duimpiano of op helemaal niets. Op 7 maart kwam haar eerste album ‘Laurels’ uit, met elf ellendige liefdesliedjes en medewerking van de Engelse Jack Durtnall en Nicholas O’Brien.

Sophie sings dark songs from eras past as if they were written yesterday. The person who guesses the correct number of deaths and broken hearts at the end of a gig will get a reward. Sophie accompanies herself on guitar or thumb piano or on nothing at all. Her debut album ‘Laurels’ was released on March 7, containing eleven wretched love songs, in collaboration with Jack Durtnall and Nicholas O’Brien.

Apart from playing solo gigs, she performs with Margot Limburg as The Lasses and with Gilles Rullmann and Theo Burghouts as Bound for the waves.



Xristos Angelis


Xristos is a Greek singer and songwriter from Thessaloniki. Together with Alwin Halley in the Cajon will take us on a musical journey to Greece full of oriental melodies and ethnic-style ballads.