La Tammurriata Dance. Open Day & Free Try-out Lesson

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La Tammurriata Dance. Open Day & Free Try-out Lesson
25 March 2015 07:30
25 March 2015 20:30
20 March 2015
De Boom


Join the try out lesson, dance for free and delight yourself with la Tammurriata.

The try out is meant for the ones who intend to follow the Tammurriata course

( every Monday and Friday in Amsterdam West )

La Tammuriata is a oral music tradition passed on over many generations in the rural areas around the Vesuvius volcano, in the South of Italy. Throughout the transformation of seasons, the tradition connects the existentialism of the local population with their everyday social lives and work, the earth, the elements of nature, and their ancestors.

Isabella Ruggiero, experienced dancer and choreographer, introduce the participants to the cultural background of Tammurriata – a combined form of music, sung and dance – as well as to the basic techniques of dancing and drumming.

The workshop is structured as it follows:
dance technique, dance etiquette, practical skills and theoretical knowledge on the rhythm of the drum Tammorra, lyrics, verses, rhymes, jokes and the conventional expressions and the metrical structure of the ‘canto’.

Isabella Ruggiero (Napoli, Italy) is dancer, researcher and choreographer of traditional dances from Southern Italy, Egypt and the Middle East.
Isabella is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and organizes dance events and artistic residencies. The aim is to create a bridge between Mediterranean dances and oral forms or expressions with other folkloric traditions.

With lots of love
Isabella Ruggiero