ZVYou will have the opportunity to learn, during a block of ten lessons, an entire belly dance routine of semi-advenced level.

In the first lessons we will mastered the moves, work on technique and rhythms, on translation of music through individuals dance moves and expressions contained in the moves.

The last lesson will be focused on learning the dance routine.
Sinds you are owner of the steps, you can go now to the phase of enchainment of all the parts of the music piece.
We will work on musical layers, transitional moves, intensity and sizes of the music piece in corrispondence of the usage of the space,fluidity, more accurate translations of the music, interpretations and feelings.

Last but not least, you will take basic part in the stylistic choises,by giving suggestions and feedback, according with what the music is trasmitting you in that moment.
So it will be a real team work and I really can’t wait to it…!!!!!!

The course is every Monday from 20:00 till 21:00 in Studio De Wit in Amsterdam. See main page for more infos.

For enrollments send email to:

Isabella Ruggiero